Open Access

IP and Innovation Management in the Life Sciences

IP and Innovation Management in the Life Sciences is a online training course specifically developed for and with the UNIDO e-Biosafety Training Programme by Anatole Krattiger and Stanley Kowalski (16 modules, ~32hr).

This comprehensive practical course provides the students with a thorough understanding of, and best practices in, innovation and IP management, covering the key issues of this important area :

  • IP as a driver of global innovation
  • mobilising IP to Advance Innovation
  • the legal foundations of IP
  • IP policy and strategy
  • working with technology transfer offices
  • various principal agreements
  • how to deal with inventions and inventors
  • strategic management of IP assets
  • licensing, valuation, dealmaking, forging partnerships
  • entrepreneurship and IP management
  • risk management
  • bioprospecting and valuation
  • administering and enforcing IP

The course is freely accessible.