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Feedback of e-Biosafety Students:
To date, more than 150 trainees have been trained through the UNIDO e-Biosafety training programme. Almost half of the students are currently serving as members of national regulatory authorities and/or have been involved in the GEF-funded programmes »Development of National Biosafety Frameworks« and »Implementation of National Biosafety Frameworks«.

Gintaras Jodinskas
Lithuania, National Project Coordinator (NPC) to manage the UNEP/GEF funded projects (Support for Implementation of the National Biosafety Framework in Lithuania):
»… My current position requires the general perception and understanding of administrative and, particularly, scientific matters of GMOs/GMPs handling and management. To that end, the respective sections of UNIDO e-Biosafety course helped me to acquire relevant scientific knowledge on GM food/feed safety; risk assessment, perception and communication to get public acceptance and involvement …«

Julia Benavides Molineros
Colombia, Information Products and Services area of Colombia Biodiversity Information System (BIS). GEF/Worldbank Colombia Biosafety Programme:
»Two things to highlight: the high scientific qualifications and vast experience of the faculty, and the rigorous emphasis placed on the need to address the issues related to GMOs from a scientific approach, making extensive use of existing and available information and evidence. The course allowed us to acquire a whole perspective of the situation at this moment and in the future, within a very strong conceptual framework.«

Francisca Acevedo
Mexico, Risk Assessment and Biosafety Coordinator in the National Commission on the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity:
»The most important piece of knowledge that I have gained is that biosafety must be dealt with at several different levels.«

Heidi Primo
Federated States of Micronesia, National Project Coordinator for UNEP/GEF Biosafety Enabling Activities for the Government of the Federated States of Micronesia:
»The face to face introductory component was unbelievable for connecting with peers and experts in the field. They continue to support me electronically on my remote island, answering questions and giving instantaneous feedback. The network of connected biosafety professionals that UNIDO is creating is invaluable.«
»I do not have a strong scientific background, although I have studied some marine biology. My graduate level training has been geared more towards social sciences (sociology, psychology education, cultural anthropology, economics, etc.). Therefore, most of the course modules have been new information for me, especially the basics on genetics and molecular biology.«
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