The UNIDO e-Biosafety Training Platform
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Background and Mission Statement:
Biotechnology is transforming industry. It is an integral part of the emerging knowledge-based bio-economy and the main driver for increasing industrial sustainability and productivity. Its ever-increasing pace of the adoption of biotechnology requires the establishment of regulatory systems that safeguard public health and the environment in ways that do not compromise technological advancement and forfeit the potential benefits of its application. Compliance of national regulations with the provisions of the Cartagena Protocol of the Convention on Biological Diversity as well as with the relevant agreements of WTO have become pivotal points for the long-term development and deployment of the technology. It is now widely accepted that the sound implementation of biosafety regulation in the developing world will not be possible without specialised skills in biotechnology risk assessment and risk management.

Recognising this need, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has established a network of regional centres with the mission of providing training at the highest possible level to developing country researchers, government and industry professionals involved in the assessment and management of risks related to biotechnology-derived products and services.

The e-Biosafety training network
  • fosters South-South and North-South cooperation by pooling of resources of the network nodes
  • offers long-term in-depth training in biotechnology risk assessment and management
  • gives priority to training the trainers
  • provides academically accredited post-graduate specialisation at the diploma or master degree level
  • combines on-campus lectures and workshops with state-of-the-art distance learning multimedia
  • is taught by an international faculty of eminent scientists and biosafety professionals
  • is supervised by an international advisory board thus ensuring the high standards of the training material

The Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, through Resolution 1999/61 adopted on 30 July 1999 and renewed through Resolution: ECOSOC 2004/68, gives UNIDO, amongst other UN bodies and other international institutions, the mandate to "exchange information on biosafety regulation and capacity-building, including through case studies on (a) partnerships in biotechnology, (b) biosafety, (c) bioethics and (d) approaches to biotechnology and intellectual property rights issues".
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